Hair Loss Protocol Review ( Jared Gates): How to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally In Days?

Hair Loss Protocol Review ( Jared Gates): How to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally In Days?



Relatively a brand new treatment for the issue like balding, the Hair Loss Protocol has already demonstrated itself as a collection of 100% natural and highly effective techniques, which help in improving the fullness, thickness as well as the overall health of the hair. According to the researches, balding has surfaced as world’s most embarrassing and frustrating cosmetic issue. AHLA claims that when men celebrate their thirty fifth birthday, nearly 2/3 of them noticeably lose hair to some degree and by the fiftieth, 85% of the men have notably thinning hair.

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Hair Loss Protocol Review ( Jared Gates)

How Does It Work? The creator of this e-book Jared Gates says that all techniques and methods which are mentioned in it are absolutely natural as well as effective. Like the hair transplants, they are neither expensive nor painful. This entire system is based on one simple conception i.e. “Genetics or aging is not the primary reason of balding. Basically, an eccentric steroid is responsible for it which human body produces on a consistent basis. This bizarre steroid moves through the bloodstream, just like a poison’s lethal dose. It puts men at life threatening risk for the prostate cancer. Once this poison hits the follicles, it ruins them right at the main source, ascertaining that hair follicles never generate hair again. This poison is known as DHT. This system reveals that nearly all scientists are convinced that DHT is the chief cause of the balding and hair loss issue. Basically DTH is the abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone. It is androgen or male sexual hormone. The DHT is synthesized by the body from a crucial enzyme which is known as 5AR or five-alpha reductase. Whenever the 5AR hits the prostate, adrenal glands, testes and hair follicles, the body turns it into the DHT. The production of testosterone and hair follicles in the body is pretty closely linked. Dermal papilla is considered hair follicle’s one of the most imperative parts. It can be found right at the hair follicle’s base. A great number of the androgen receptors are the part of dermal papilla. The hale and hearty hair follicles follow a normal growth and resting cycle. When a person is taking a healthy and balanced diet, then his growth cycles naturally become longer as compared to the cycles of resting. It ultimately leads to the better and healthier growth of hair. The ability of dermal papilla to absorb proteins and nutrients inhibits when it gets hit by the DHT. Consequently, it forces the hair follicles to spend more time in resting as compared to growing. The Hair Loss Protocol assists in slowing down the production of 5AR, since it employed to synthesize the DHT in the body. This plan does it by making the most of those vitamins, herbs, vegetables and minerals which have demonstrated the competence to hold back the production of 5AR production naturally. The author of this system claims that all the research regarding the supplements and foods is done meticulously.


Food Items That Inhibit the Production of DHT The basic concept behind the Hair Loss Protocol is that there are certain food items which possess the natural ability to block the 5AR, thus reducing the production of DHT. Different researches have already shown that biotin and phytosterols both are capable of reducing the DHT’s level. Brussels sprouts, almonds, peanuts, olive oil, sesame oil and wheat germ are some good natural sources of phytosterols. While on the other hand, one could get the biotin from avocado, raspberries, salmon, cheddar cheese, wheat bread (whole) and egg yolk. One could expect to notice these aforementioned food items along with several others described in the Hair Loss Protocol.

Coconut Oil Secret Review (Jake Carney): New Coconut Oil Secrets Exposed!

Coconut Oil Secret Review (Jake Carney): New Coconut Oil Secrets Exposed!

Coconut oil is a vitamin and mineral rich naturally existing gift of nature. It has more benefits than normally accredited to it. Living a long and healthy life is what is idealized by health conscious people; coconut oil is an exceptional product of nature to serve several body care purposes. It is not a product to use fortnightly, rather for its best utility, it should be used regularly. Here are some reasons as to why should one use coconut oil daily.

Coconut Oil Secret by Jake Carney Review

Jake Carney is his piece of work of great value, mentions four oils that are actually harmful for human consumption. This particularly includes eating of these oils. He strongly advocates that naturally produced and achieved oils must remain in their most natural possible form. Over processing, as he cares to call it, is the main culprit as to why true nutrition of oils is lost and they become harmful for human consumption.

Here is why to prefer coconut oil over these oils

Canola oil should be avoided: It is empirically found that in natural environment, insects and animals avoid canola oils for being unsuitable. Jake mentions that this is because this oil is just not meant for organic bodies like human beings to use. Let alone, to eat. This oil can cause cramping of muscles and deposition of lots of fat in the body.
Cottonseed is a pesticide: Cottonseed oil, although is not abundantly eaten but there are places where it is still used for cooking and for applying on skin. Cotton as plant is tolerant towards every kind of pesticide that a farmer can possibly spray it with. Considering the amount and level of toxicity that these plants are notorious for carrying, the oil extracted from this plant becomes very harmful for human consumption.
Safflower oil causes heart attack: Omega 6 is increased tremendously with the use of this oil and doctors strongly forbid from eating this oil as it increases the threat of heart attack to a great extent. Cholesterol is notorious for being a killer and a prime cause of heart attacks. But, it is worth mentioning here that it is actually Omega 6 that should be feared.
Soybean is abnormal: As is strongly supported by body builders for being a great food supplement, soy bean is not good for consumption by less active bodies. It seeds up the process of hormone generation leading to sudden sky rocketing of energy that is much needed for ripping muscles. But like steroids, it comes with great consequences. Thyroid damage and hormone disruption are very small problems that come with the package.
                  Here is what can be found in the book!

The book provides valuable information regarding what to fear from and what not to. Cholesterol has been pointed out as a cause of heart attack since a long time. Based on that, a theory named Lipid Hypothesis was created that nothing but scared people off from using saturated fats. Jake proves in the book that the theory is a hoax and makes no sense at all. He takes source from recent medical finding about link between cholesterol and heart attacks.
The book also includes a list and detail of substances that are rendered unsafe for human consumption and therefore must be avoided. Margarine is a very popular breakfast bread wetter that is criticized by Jake in his book. He is of the view that it doubles the risk of heart attacks. The key, according to Jake is to use as natural a thing as possible. French, he gives the example for having the lowest rate of coronary diseases despite of being high on fat consumption.
The book speaks in a non technical manner and uses no technical terminologies. Medicinal information can be difficult to understand and hence requires a very plain and simple text for a lay man understanding. Coconut oil is the number one ranked super food according to Jake Carney and the book details about why is it so.

Coconut oil can make people look good too, in addition to making them healthier!
It is observable that people living in tropical areas have beautiful skin. They do not have wrinkles and the complexion is very good too. They not only eat coconut oil as part of their diet but also apply it on their skin for the best of its health. Coconut oil refreshes the skin and kills all kinds of bacteria that are found on the skin. This oil includes vitamins E and D. The oil used in spa and massage is also in most cases coconut oil due to its healing abilities. This oil can also be used for infants bearing rashes. The book adds into the text mentioning that in addition to all this, coconut oil is also an exceptionally good brain tonic.

Undesirable Effects of Coconut Oil in Over Consumption
Like all other good things, coconut oil too is best when used under a prescribed limit. Breastfeeding and pregnant women, on top of everyone need to make sure they do not over consume the oil. Doctors advise that since coconut oil is very hot in nature, it is always best to consume it in small quantity. For most people, coconut oil, only to a limit found in food is sufficient. However high or low cholesterol might be in health risk, it is still better to keep it away as it can still cause heart attacks.
The book Coconut Oil Secret by Jake Carney comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. It includes medically proven evidence to reinforce the idea and to prove the point of the author who claims that the oil is safe to use.

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Coconut oil secret

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews: Does Provillus Really Work? (Ingredients, Side effects, Price)

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews: Does Provillus Really Work? (Ingredients, Side effects, Price)

Visit Provillus official site

If you are looking for a natural hair regrowth product with guaranteed results and 100% safe to use. You should try Provillus with 0 risk and you can get 2 month supply for free now! If you are looking for the honest provillus review you don’t need to look any where else because in this site they will get all they are looking for. Those who are thinking of trying the product can learn a few things about this wonderful product. Here they will get all information about ingredients, how the product works and how it should be used.

In the market today there are many hair loss products but many of those are manufactured using toxic chemicals that cause many side effects including sexual dysfunction.

Pacific Naturals have developed a natural way of dealing with hair loss in both men and women. This product is called provillus, which is very effective in dealing with hair loss.

Provillus is a product that offers solution in two ways. One, it prevents hair loss and on the other hand it makes the hair to grow again. It is a combination of topical solution and an oral supplement that is in form of capsules

The tropical solution in this product contains minoxidil which is the only ingredient approved by the FDA and it is clinically proven to make hair grow again naturally. This substance is a blood vessel dilator which contains anti-androgen properties. It stimulates the hair follicles to produce thick hair and at the same time it rejuvenates the damaged and the dying hair follicles to health.

The capsule provided contains nutritious substances that are required by the hair follicle so that it can spring back to life again. This capsule contains such ingredients like vitamin B6, magnesium and Biotin which boost one’s overall health and at the same time boosting hair production.

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Provillus Ingredients

Provillus has two formulas, one for men and the other one for women. The ingredients in the capsules are indicated on the label of the product. The active ingredients of Provillus is Minoxidil. The only ingredient approved by the FDA with effective re-growth effect. Unlike the other hair regrowth products, Provillus contained different concentrations of Provillus for females and males based on wide clinical research results which guaranteed most effective results. Plus, it’s manufacture by Pacific Naturals guarantees its high quality.

How Provillus works?

Before explaining how the product work it is good to first understand why people lose hair and what Dihydrotestostrone (DMT) means. DMT is a by-product of testosterone and it is the one responsible for making the life of hair follicles short. This happens when it attaches itself to the hair follicle interrupting it growth. This usually starts as the person start to get old. The hair follicle gets thinner, weaker and finally it dies all together.

Clinically proven results!

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews Does Provillus Really Work (Ingredients, Side effects) 5

After understanding this it will be easier for people to know that the first cause of action of any hair loss product is to inhibit DHT hence preventing hair lose. Provillus is manufactured in two formulas for men and women and therefore we will discus how each one of them work.

In the male version provillus helps to block DHT, although it does not interfere with testosterone in any way, through this hair lose is stopped in men regardless of their age and the level they have lost their hair. After stopping more hair loss provillus supplies the body with the required nutrients that will help in repairing and rejuvenating the damaged and the dead hair follicles. This product enables men to regrow and retain their hair regardless of their age.

In the female version provillus helps to restore natural hormonal balance, when the hormone balance is restored to normal the body stimulates growth and rejuvenation of the hair follicles preventing more hair loss and at the same time helping the lost hair to regrow. Provillus is very essential in nourishing dead hair follicles in women and stopping further hair loss.

Provillus is very different from other hair loss product because it consists of pills and topical treatments. One will be treating their hair both from the inside and the outside. This is different from other products because many are purely topical.

How to use Provillus?

Provillus is offered as two separate products, which are a topical solution and a dietary supplement in form of a capsule. Both men and women use the product in the same way.

Suggested use

Topical solution

The topical solution should be applied in dry hair. Apply one dropper of the solution every morning and make sure that it is rubbed evenly on the hair and the scarp until it dries. It dries faster and make sure to wash the hand well after application.


These capsules are dietary supplements and adults should take two capsule with food and enough water or as directed by the physician.

Provillus Results

Provillus have been proven in various clinical trials involving many men and women. Some people wonder how long they will use the product for results to be seen but different people reports different waiting periods. There are some who get their results in a few weeks while others wait for up to six months.

As always with all kind of treatments, different people respond differently to drugs. Although it is also good to consider the condition of the hair and the stage of hair loss each individual using provillus is experiencing.

Those who want to regrow or stop hair loss should take a step early because chances of the hair to regrow reduce as one looses more hair.


There are no documented side effects from using provillus because the product is 100% natural and it is approved by FDA. This product is manufactured by Pacific Naturals which is one of the leading companies in manufacturing a wide range of high quality homeopathic products.

However people should know that the male version contains saw palmetto which can be dangerous to unborn babies. This is the reason why this ingredient is not included in the female version. There are some evidence that Saw Palmetto cause difficulties and urinating.

It is also good for people with any kind of medical condition to seek medical advice from their doctor before using this product, although it is very safe to maintain or re-grow the hair with provillus.


– If a person orders for a supply of six months they will get a two months free supply enabling them to save $79. – Those ordering for four months will get a one month free supply saving them $39.
– The product offers a 90 day return policy
– It is 100% natural
– It helps to stop hair loss and at the same time making the lost hair to regrow
– It has nutritious support for the immune system, skin. Nails and prostate health.
– It has no side effects
– It is approved by the FDA
– No doctors prescription is needed
– It is the number one hair loss product in the market according to consumers worldwide
– It offers discreet billing and shipping worldwide


– It can cause scalp irritation
– Should not be applied on injured, sunburned or irritated scalp
– People on other drugs should get a doctor prescription.

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth testimonals (before and after photos)

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews Does Provillus Really Work (Ingredients, Side effects) 3

Before and after just after 6 months

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews Does Provillus Really Work (Ingredients, Side effects) 2


Provillus is a product that is highly recommended to people who would want to prevent hair los or to regrow their hair. Although it might take some time to see results it is rated as the best product in the market by a majority of people who have used it and got impressive results, therefore it is very worthy trying it.

 Get Provillus 2 months supply free!

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews Does Provillus Really Work (Ingredients, Side effects) 6

Must Read! Total Hair Regrowth Review (John Kelby): Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Must Read! Total Hair Regrowth Review (John Kelby): Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Visit Total Hair Regrowth Official page

Losing your hair to a great extent or extreme thinning of hair can be very embarrassing for a young or even a middle aged man. This is because your personality is greatly dependent upon the thick crop of hair your sport. If you suffer from baldness and your efforts to regrow hair are not bearing fruits, what you need is Total Hair Regrowth, an e-book written by John Kelby, which guarantees to bring your hair back with its safe, quick and natural methods!

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Total Hair Regrowth Book Review (John Kelby) cover 4

Total Hair Regrowth review

Losing hair can be devastating for you as it not only makes you look older than you are but also makes you unattractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. There are many creams, lotions, capsules, pills and oils available in the market, all promising you a thick crop of hair. But sadly, most of these hair regrowth remedies are fake or worthless cosmetic products that do not produce desired results. In fact, many of these products being sold in the market contain dangerous chemicals that can do more harm than doing any good for the cause of growing back hair on your head.

Total Hair Regrowth Book Review (John Kelby) cover 2

John Kelby experienced hair loss himself

John Kelby, the author of this e-book who has researched on ways to regrow hair back on scalp is convinced that the hair loss industry is so huge and profitable that people behind it do not want common people to know that hair can be re-grown at all. There is no need to go for expensive hair weaving or hair transplant as there is finally Total Hair Regrowth, a book containing simple techniques that produce desired results and bring back hair on your scalp.

Why Total Hair Regrowth worth reading?

Good thing about Total Hair Regrowth is that it contains natural and safe techniques for hair regrowth. These techniques may look simple but they bring about amazing results that is not possible with even very expensive and time consuming procedures. Total Hair Regrowth consists of methods that have been tried and tested and produced results in the case of thousands of people. The book is full of scores of simple but very effective tips and advices that are meant to stop hair loss. This is the first sure way to stop hair loss and regrow hair back on your scalp. If hair loss takes place at a rate higher than the rate at which new hair grows on your scalp, you are surely going to suffer from net hair loss. Simply follow the instructions as stated by the author and you will see hair re-growing and coming back on your scalp within 2-5 weeks.

Here are what you can learn from the book:

Total Hair Regrowth Book Review (John Kelby) cover 4

– Help you find out the tyle and which cause of your hair loss is

-10 natural home remedies with low cost for hair growth. These remedies can be easily purcahsed from the local market!

– How to use natural home remedies step by step

– How to boost your own body’s ability to prevent hair fall

– 5 basic exercise to help hair growth

– What kind of diet necessary for you to improve hair growth

– Simple and effective ways for quick hair growth

– Other hair products and treatments reviews to prevent further harm

Wait, you can find the answers of the following questions in the book immediately! 

– What’s the fastest method to cleanse your scalp

– What’s the most effective ways to prevent losing hair

– Do you know the gravity trick to grow the hair?

– Do you now what’s the natural ingredient deliver the quickest result for hair growth?

– Do you know where to find a rare ingredient that contains hair growth factor?

There’s more!

Total Hair Regrowth now offers free bonuses worth of hundreds of dollars.

Bonus 1 – Keep that Hair – Step by step guide on how to maintain new hair
Bonus 2 – The Total Hair Regrowth quick start guide – Sstep by step daily plan for hair growth
Bonus 3 – Audio Version of Total Hair Regrowth that you can listen from you iPod or other devices.

To sum up, this book is 100% proven and tested methods for you!

What you will benefit from Total Hair Regrowth?

– Total Hair Regrowth contains simple but very effective natural solutions for hair loss

– You just need five minutes every day to apply your treatment following the steps mentioned in the book

– You will find your hair coming back just within 2 to 5 weeks!

– 100% natural, without any side effects

– It also contains simple exercises that you have to do daily to see hair re-growing on your scalp

– The system works on people of all ages

– THR is effective at every stage of hair loss. This means that you can expect it to work for you whether you have just started to experience thinning of hair or you have become completely bald

0 risk: You have 0 risk to try it because If you are not satisfied with the results, you can get your money back within 2 months!

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Download Total Hair Regrowth today and get your hair back with 0 risk! (Click the following link!)

hair loss